7vn metal dugout stash case makes a great stoner gift for smokers

If you want to seriously upgrade your portable game, you gotta check out this dope little dugout. It’s the 7vn Stashcase and all you really have to do is look at it to fall in love. But before you go all mushy, let me entice you with some stats on this beauty.

7vn small metal dugout is one cool weed gadget

The sleek Stashcase dugout from 7vn is made of sturdy anodized aluminum, and comes in a rather pimp matte black (pictured) as well as glossy black. The Stashcase is small and light weight, but the metal body is still substantial enough to feel great in your hand.

Pop open the top to reveal built-in storage for herb, a one-hitter, AND a mini bic lighter. Yeah that’s right, all that, right under the hood of this portable, premium metal dugout.

It’s also smell proof! The 7vn Stashcase features a “scent sealing o-ring” to keep it on the discreet tip.

Just about the size of a zippo lighter, the stealthy, sexy Stashcase slides right in your pocket for good times, any time. Pick one up on Amazon. So dope!


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