Your nugs deserve nothing but the finest, so treat them to this super luxe case from Apothecarry. It’s the Apothecarry Cannabis Humidor Case, and it is tricked out.

This amazing stash is not only a humidor for cannabis, it is a full on executive suite. Open up the hand crafted wood top to discover a complete organizational system, complete with 4 glass jars with humidity control lids and customizable labels, 4 non-stick silicone-coated containers for dabs and oil, removable rolling tray, zinc alloy grinder, and even a side nook for papers and tools!

Plus the humidity benefits of the Apothecarry are legit. It uses a Boveda humidity system specifically designed to keep the herb from drying out without risk of mold-growth Рunlike regular humidors, which often keep cannabis too moist. This keeps your icky just sticky enough to preserve  the quality and extend usability.

And don’t forget about security. When you’re livin this large, you gotta guard the goods, and the Apothecarry delivers with a locking top to keep prying eyes out, and smell-proof features to keep suspicious noses at bay.

This beautiful, handmade, locking wooden stash box is practical, discreet, luxurious and sexy. And who doesn’t like sexy boxes? Grab one in a bunch of dope colors, each with its own subtle variations that really make ’em stand out, like Yellow, Black, Brown and White.

Treat your buds to the ultimate upgrade with the gorgeous Apothecarry Cannabis Humidor Case!


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