This electric weed grinder in black metal has a powered motor that automatically dispenses ground material.

Is there anything less graceful than the process of taking ground herb out of the grinder? Scooping, pouring, dumping…what a mess! Whether it’s to load a bowl or roll a joint, transporting material from the grinder to its destination can be a sloppy affair. And hey nothing against sloppy affairs, sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

But sometimes what you need is P.W.D.: Precision Weed Distribution. So for those times, get geared up with this high-tech grinder that comes fully equipped with an automatic motorized dispenser. It’s the Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Electric Grinder from Cloudious9, (makers of the ingenious Hydrology9 Water Filtered Portable Vaporizer).

Electric Weed Grinder in red.

This cool electric grinder is a great way to upgrade your stash box. The motorized dispenser makes it so fun to use. But it also really does solve a problem. And that problem is weed crumbs, y’all. There’s just too many crumbs!!! It’s like crumb city with all these crumbs.

What can be done, you ask? Why not pick ya up an Auto Dispensing Grinder and then point-point-point the motorized dispenser exactly where you want the herb to go.

Use this motorized weed gadget to grind up herb and dispense it with precision using the automatic motorized dispenser.

Using the Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Electric Grinder really helps to keep prep spaces tidy, and goes long way towards optimizing one’s joint-rolling workflow. The precision distribution contains the flow, so you can just point-and-shoot, for perfectly prepped joints and beautifully packed bowls.

It’s also got a viewing window on the side so you can peek in on your buds while they’re getting chomped to bits by the 28 CNC-milled diamond-shaped teeth. And you can do some serious chomping a set of choppers like that.

And to top it all off, there’s an LED light inside the chamber to illuminate the contents! You can light it up before you light it up. <– That’s some poetry right there.

This electric grinder for weed uses a rechargeable motor to automatically dispense ground herb with precision.

If you’re looking for a cool grinder or smoking accessory for your collection, you gotta grind yourself on over and give this one a gander.


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