Guys, this is an OMG-level BFF alert!!! It’s the “Besties” Bong, a two-person double-headed water pipe!

And what better way to celebrate the end of quarantine, amiright. This beautiful glass water pipe sports not one, but two mouthpieces for twice the smoking fun.

The Double Headed Bestie Bong is just what you guys need to take your friendship to the next level. I mean, yeah you’ve smoked together, but have you smoked together??

This double water pipe has two mouthpieces for twice the smoking fun.Just saddle up to the double-barreled mouthpiece with your best pal and rip a two-for-one binger. You’re sure to grow closer because of it. Or, at least higher.

The Bestie Double Bong is also functions as the ultimate marriage counselor. Trouble on the homestead? Get the ol’ ball-and-chain to chiiilllll and share a rip off the Bestie! It’ll help you guys remember why you got married in the first place. Actually, it’s probably more likely to make you forget stuff. But either way, y’all should hit this thing.

So check out Double Headed Bestie Bong and smoke bud with a bud. It’s buds on buds on buds!


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