Remember that one time when you were like, bro, in the future I bet we’re gonna have stash boxes that you unlock with your fingerprint? And everyone was like, nah. But you were like, for real! Wellll…YOU WERE RIGHT!!

Check out this amazing stash box with a fingerprint lock. That’s right, it’s the Legacy Fingerprint Lockbox from Hakuna Supply, a beautifully crafted wooden stash box that uses advanced biometric technology to keep your gear and buds locked up tight. It’s one secure stash.

This high-end stash box comes in black and bamboo wood, along with loads of accessories for customization.

How secure is it? According to anonymous sources that declined to be named due to the fact that they’re fictitious, this is the exact same high security stash box that the CIA uses to hide their bud. That’s legit.

Not only does this wooden box secure your smoking gear with advanced biometric technology, it comes with a built-in rechargeable power bank that allows you to recharge your devices directly from the box itself. 

Advanced security outfits this beautiful bamboo wood stashbox with fingerprint lock and built-in charging station.Inside this Fingerprint Lockbox you’ll find a handsome rolling tray sitting snuggly atop two interior compartments that can be reconfigured using the included dividers. All of this secure storage is great for safely storing smokables, gadgets, gear, accessories, vapes, lucky pennies, and so on.

Not only is it highly secure and super functional, this classy stash is made with sustainable materials. So buying one is kinda like saving the earth. Which is obviously a pretty nice thing to do, so thank you.

You can pick up one of these Biometric Locking Stash Safes with Power Port Charging Station in Black or Bamboo. Keep the goods locked up tight in this super classy, super functional high tech stash that unlocks with the touch of a finger.


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