Um, is this a bong with a pocket?? You bet your sweet ass it is. It’s the Sidekick from GEAR, a bong with lighter storage built right into the glass!

First of all, let’s just get this out of the way: a bong with a little glass pocket just for a lighter, how frickin’ cute is that!? It truly is the kangaroo of weed gadgets. That being said, please note that it’s not advisable to hop while smoking. Although, spilt bong water IS a kangaroo aphrodisiac.

Bong with lighter holder is loaded with features.Second, how are we just inventing this? If you’ve taken even one toke in your life, you know that the first thing you do after expanding your mind is, of course, come up with ideas for new weed gadgets! Just seems like a bong with a built-in lighter holder should have been first on the list. Frankly it wouldn’t be at all surprising if we eventually discover ancient cave paintings of a bong with a built-in lighter holder. Ball’s in your court, Archeology.

In addition to the ingenious on-board lighter storage, the Sidekick also sports a triple-pinch base that lets you fill up the tube with ice for super-cool hits. It’s also got a long, angled downstem that’s perfectly positioned to work while tilted without missing a beat. 

The GEAR Sidekick bong with lighter storage comes in a bunch of cool colors.

You can pick up this primo water pipe in a few different versions, including the Sidekick Laid Back Beaker, featuring a leaning mouthpiece that’s great for tokin and loungin. There’s also the Sidekick Tall Boost Bong, which sports a large “Barrel Dome Perc”, a beautifully crafted glass percolator that aerates every inhale for super smooth hits and nearly no drag.

Upgrade your sesh with one of these awesome and innovative bongs, check em out at the link below!


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