Bud Bomb is an awesome weed pipe for cooling smoke to create smoother hits using an advanced heat sink design.

When it comes to cool weed accessories, it doesn’t get much cooler, or weedier, than the Bud Bomb. It’s a pipe with a “cooling matrix” inside that acts sort of like a heat sink. By the time the smoke reaches your mouth, it’s cool. Just like you’ll be if you get yourself a Bud Bomb.

The Bud Bomb is a really awesome smoking gadget for those that like smoking a pipe, but don’t love the harshness of hot smoke. It’s a great way to keep your throat and lungs comfy and cool.

This amazing metal pipe is designed to keep your throat and lungs comfortable, using a specially designed internal structure to cool the smoke before it gets to you.

The Bud Bomb is a metal pipe machined with a cooling matrix inside that makes smoke much less harsh than a standard weed pipe.

One of the best things about the Bud Bomb is how easy it is to use. Simply pack your pipe as usual, then insert the Bud Bomb between the bowl and stem. When you take a hit, the smoke will travel through the Bud Bomb’s cooling chamber, which uses a unique heat-exchange process to cool the smoke down, for a smoother, less harsh smoking experience.

And if you want to be REALLY cool, stick this little weed gadget in the freezer before you puff! Yeah, what a great idea, right??

  1. Excuse, please, the above should read “heat source”.

  2. This appears capable of serving as a vaporizer if

    (a) the little half-inch doodad at left is a small screened crater,

    (b) you have attached a 20-inch flexible drawtube to the piece at right which looks like a mouthpiece,

    (c) you hold a head source, like a lighter flame just far enough below the opening that 385F/195C air enters upon the loading of 25mg of herb inside.

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