This is the bong your coffee table has been asking for. It’s the Capsule, a minimalist water pipe that loves to be looked at, but never steals the spotlight. 

And oh damn check out those clean lines!

The Capsule is the latest from Honest Pipes, the same folks that brought you the Path Pipe and the Stashlight. It’s a gorgeous piece that you’ll definitely want to leave out for maximum oohs and ahhs.

This beautifully designed modern glass water pipe looks great and works even better.Beautiful, but also tough as nails, the Capsule is made from stainless steel, aluminum, and super strong borosilicate glass. Not to mention an magnet built into the lid that’s designed to hold a lighter.

The Capsule is actually a whole system of individual components that can be disassembled for storage, travel, or super-easy cleaning. Heck, take it apart and stick it in the dishwasher!

You’ll even be able to trick out your Capsule with various modular accessories, like a swing out storage container, grinder, and others – that all stack and snap together under the pipe’s base to create a self-contained tower of smoking awesomeness.


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