Ceramic Bong by SummerlandThis bong tells a story. What story? Oh, I don’t know, maybe the story of a brisk summer evening in Malibu when you found yourself chillin at Jay Z’s  beachfront hideaway sipping mescal around his fire pit while wrapped in nine thousand dollar cashmere afghans, when just then Beyoncé strolls out with this tight, white, classy ceramic bong packed with a positively dank, stank, sparkly bowl of herb that looks like it’s about to make the cover of High Times.

Oh how you wished you could have a bong like that someday! Assuming it must be a custom piece commissioned by the Carters to commemorate their net worth passing the $420M mark, you didn’t even bother trying to score one.

But then you stumbled upon this really, really, really cool website called Weedgadgets and discovered that the object of your lust is in fact the “Land Yacht” ceramic white bong from Summerland and hot damn you can buy one, even if you’re not an international-superstar-multi-millionaire!

But then you read the post and you were like, ummm, how the hell is the story of my night at Jay Z’s Malibu beach house here on Weedgadgets?? I never told anyone, holy shit this is really weird you guys, somebody wrote the story of a night I had and I just read about it on this random website, and now I’m really trippin because now I’m reading a part about how I read about reading about that…and then I read about that too!!! WTF is happening?!?!?!

Get a hold of yourself dude!!!! It’s gonna be okay. This is just a dream. All that matters is that you, too, can own this classy ass ceramic bong. Now wake up, get out there and make your dreams come true!


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