Cereal bowl pipe is some fun smoking stuff.

Add several spoonfuls of chill to your breakfast with this amazing Cereal Bowl With a Built-In Pipe!

This very important invention comes just in the nick of time. Studies show that breakfast is now amongst the top three most stressful meals of the day. So what do we do? Do we mope about it? No. Hell no!! This is America, Jack. We’re in the solutions business. 

Ceramic bowl and pipe combo has a smoking pipe built right into it.

So how do we reverse this troubling trend that’s bringing our breakfasts down?  Top scientists answered the call, and here’s what they came up with: smoke weed. More specifically, smoke weed, at breakfast, out of your cereal bowl.

And so it is that we are now blessed with an actual cereal bowl with a pipe built right into the side of it. And it’s not just for breakfast!

Fill thiscereal bowl pipe with anything you eat out of a bowl. Ice cream, soup, spaghetti, m&m’s, nachos, nachos topped with m&m’s…when you’re smoking out of your dishes, anything is possible!

The breakfast of champions can now be yours, any time of day. So check it out, champ!

And, uh, oh yeah....


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