Christmas Tree Bong makes a super fun holiday gift for smokers.

Looking to add some seriously festive vibes to your holiday season. Look no further than this incredible Christmas Tree Bong from HEMPER!

Nothing says holiday fun like something shaped like a Christmas tree that you ALSO smoke weed out of. So this season, gather round for a smoke sesh that St. Nick would definitely approve of (he’s totally a burner, look at the guy).

Christmas Tree bong is a fun holiday gift for smokers with tons of festive cheer to go around.

This beautifully themed holiday pipe will charm your stockings off. The green glass body is adorned with little Christmas lights, and to top it all off, the mouthpiece on top of the tree is shaped like a Santa hat!!

Not only is this cheery Christmas Tree Bong totally adorable, it also cranks out some serious clouds. The downstem terminates in a showerhead-style percolator that diffuses smoke into the water, producing big, comfy hits worthy of the holidays. And it’s made with laboratory-grade glass, so it’s sure to hold up to plenty of puff-puff-passing.


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