Clear dugout box from RYOT is clearly a cool smoking accessory!

We all know and love the classic magnetic one hitter box from Ryot (as lovingly featured here on Weedgadgets). Well prepare to have your brains blown as I reveal to you a twist or two.

What we’ve got here ladies and gentlemen is the Ryot Magnetic Dugout One-Hitter Box in CLEAR are you kidding me?! No I’m serious. You can get Ryot’s legendary pistol grip magnetic one hitter in crystal clear see-through acrylic. That is something that is very neat.

Because not only can you see through it, you can see insiiiddeee it bro! How much bud is left in there? You don’t even have to ask, just look! It’s like having x-ray vision!! Haven’t you always dreamed of having super powers? Well here ya go, x-ray vision. You’ll basically become Superman if you get this*.

This see-through dugout from RYOT is a totally clear swivel top travel stash for herb and a one-hitter!This cool, clear, magnetic one-hitter dugout box even comes with a handy-dandy poker that slides right into the bottom of the box and stays held in place by the same magnet that holds the lid shut (but note: Ryot boxes usually don’t ship with a one-hitter, so it’s BYO).

*super powers may not include flight, eye lasers, super-strength, the ability to change clothes very quickly, or any other powers besides x-ray vision**.
**x-ray vision only effective on see-through objects (e.g., a clear one hitter box like the one featured above).


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