Do you like your smoke swirling and whirling? Of course you do. Therefore, you must check out this amazingly cool glass pipe: The Jet Flash Smoke System.

The Jet Flash Smoke System is an amazing 7-piece kit filled with high quality glass components and accessories, allowing you to configure the Jet Flash into your perfect pipe!

It has a handheld glass chamber with a grip molded right into it, along with a glass funnel bowl, mouth piece chamber, a spoon pipe adapter, one-hitter adapter/joint holder, a slitted diffuser downstem, and a clip that securely holds all the pieces together. The Jet Flash can even be used as an attachment to your regular bong. Neat.

Take a puff from the Jet Flash and watch as the smoke swirls around the vortex chamber’s angled pinholes, cooling it down to create a smooth-as-silk smoke sensation. And cooler smoke = cooler you! That’s math.


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