The Czech Pipe Tool is a cool smoking accessory tool with poker, scoop and tamper.

Who you callin a pipe tool? YOU the pipe tool, fool! Sorry, got caught up in an imaginary argument about this AWESOME weed gadget. It really is the perfect smoker’s tool.

The beautifully constructed Czech Pipe Tool is actually three tools in one.Czech Pipe Tool folds up. It’s got a sturdy poker tool, an awesome little tamper that’s perfect even for smaller sized pipes, and a shallow spoon that also works great as a scraper. You can even get one in black.

If you find yourself doing ANY poking, scooping, scraping or tamping, you’re going to love this little guy. It’s cheap and cool, just like me. And at around $5 on Amazon, buying an authentic Czech Pipe Tool is no-brainer, so czech it out already!


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