Cool rolling trays you can buy on Amazon

Looks like what we got ourselves here is a good old fashioned Rolling Tray Roundup!! Yeeeehaw let’s roll some joints!

Cool Rolling Trays You Can Buy On Amazon

But seriously cowpoke, there are some real fine rolling trays out there these days, expertly made with beautiful materials and in a range of prices.

You probably knew there were plenty of rolling trays to choose from, but did you have any idea there were so many available on Amazon?? I sure as heck didn’t. So being the cool website that I am, I was like, hey man, put a list together for the people. And make it cool! And so I was like, yeah great idea dude.

So git on down there and check out the coolest rolling trays you can buy on Amazon! Heck, some of these aren’t even officially rolling trays, they just seemed like they should be. Why not think outside the tray, yeah?

Raw Backflip Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray

From the good folks at RAW, the Backflip Bamboo Rolling Tray is the latest stylish offering in the world of rolling-your-own. Neodymium magnets make t…

LED Infinity Tray with Lion Design from Tray God

Tray God presents the LED Infinity Tray. So dope! Click the button to change between 7 different steady color modes or the color changing mode. The rolling sur…

RAW Wood Rolling Tray with Curved Corners

This RAW Wood Rolling Tray is classy and convenient

Santa Cruz Shredder Rolling Tray with Spout for Easy Filling

Santa Cruz rolling trays are a always reliable, and this one has a handy spot for pouring ground material!

LED Rolling Tray with Light Up Music Response

This rechargeable LED Glow Tray has 5 switchable colors of LED Lights and can react to the music!

Hand Carved Root Wood Dish

Not exactly intended as a rolling tray, but it would make a damn fine one, don’t you think?

RAW Crystal Glass Rolling Tray

An Extra-Thick Piece of Lead-Free Crystal makes up this Extremely Durable and Scratch Resistant RAW Crystal Rolling. The thick and heavy glass weighs in at 7.5 pounds.

Acacia Wood Rolling Tray Set

Large Brown Wooden Rolling Tray, plus Portable & Lightweight Stash Wooden Tray

“Cotton Candy Nebula” Rolling Tray from Tray God

5.5″ x 7″ metal tray from Tray God, cool design!

Marley Natural Walnut Rolling Tray with Wooden Scrapper

The Marley Natural American Black Walnut Rolling Tray is a combination of a functional design and a stylish form. The striking wood base finished in t…

ZIG-ZAG Large Metal Tray

Check out the vintage design on this cool metal rolling tray from Zig-Zag.

RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Magnet Rolling Foldable Tray with Built-in Ashtray

Comes in 3 separate pieces that magnetize together, this masterfully designed bamboo wood rolling tray has the functionalities you need at your fingertips.

Premium Lightweight Metal Tray

This metal surface makes a great weed tray, measuring 10.6″ x 6.3″ and is a premium rolling surface at a great price.

“Tie Dye” Rolling Tray from Tray God

Trippy tray for weed, measuring 5.5″ x 7″ Check out this tie dyed rolling tray. Made of Metal.

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