Do you love Amazon? Do you hate Amazon? Do you hate that you love it? Either way, you gotta love the convenience and that Prime shipping baby!

So as a weed gadgets lover, you’ll be delighted to know that there are plenty of cool smoking accessories you can buy on Amazon! Sure, maybe not a 3 foot bong or a Volcano vaporizer…but lots of other cool stuff!

Here is some of the cool weed gear you can pick up on the ‘Zon. And if you need even more Amazon action, don’t miss our highly anticipated sequel list of even MORE Cool Weed Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon.

OTTO Smart Grinder & Rolling Machine

ROBOTS! They’re coming. Not much we can do about it. So why not have them roll us some joints??

Meet the OTTO Smart Grinder & Rolling Machine, the first ever all-in-one smart electric grinder and rolling machine.

Touch a button and OTTO grinds and packs a perfect cone in mere seconds. Just don’t make it angry, that’s when the laser cannon boots up and zaps your neighborhood into a barren wasteland dystopia. (But honestly even if that happens, you’ll be puffin on the perfect robojoint, so it’s totally chill)

A cool transparent chamber let’s you watch your joints get packed to perfection. It even comes with 20 premium all-natural cones to help get the party started.

Now despite any (well-founded) concerns you might have about OTTO becoming sentient and blood-thirsty, it really is a super awesome weed gadget. Just imagine dropping dry bud in the top and having a perfect joint pop out at the press of a button! Wowiee!!

  $110   CHECK IT OUT!

Silver Stick Filtered One-Hitter

SilverStick filtered one-hitter travel pipe with filters.

This is the SilverStick, a metal one-hitter with a filter! That’s right, the SilverStick unscrews to accommodate a replaceable filter in the middle.

The filters are made of biodegradable unrefined cotton and do a few things to take your one-hitter game up a notch: they soften your inhale by diffusing the smoke; they prevent you from inhaling sur
prise embers; and perhaps most importantly, they filter out a ton of tar and gunk you’d be smoking from an unfiltered pipe. Think of how exciting it’ll be to take the used filter out and see all that schmutz you didn’t inhale!

So yeah, the filter is dope. But also, this simple, sleek, beautiful metal one-hitter (which is really more of a four-hitter) feels great in your hand, and looks even better. And talk about a great gift wowie zowie!

  $28   CHECK IT OUT!

Gold Rolling Papers

Roll gold joints with Shine gold rolling papers

Big gold jointsSOLID GOLD ROLLING PAPERS, BOIIEEEE!! That’s right, 24k gold rolling papers. When you’re passing a solid gold spliff, everyone will be like  daaaaammmnn. And you’ll be like, yeah, I read about these on WEEDGADGETS (you don’t have to say that, but it would be nice). Regular paper will seem totally dumb after you smoke yaself some gold. Go for the gold, baby!

  $34   CHECK IT OUT!


Weed Butter Machine

Make your own weed butter with the Magical Butter Kit

Make your own weed butter with the Magical Butter Kit
Who couldn’t use a little magic in their life? Magic comes in various forms. Sometimes it’s a glowing white light from the heavens. Sometimes it’s a boy who lives under the stairs with a mysterious scar on his forehead. Sometimes it’s butter. This time…it’s butter!!!

The things you can make with weed butter are limited only by your imagination (and the number of ingredients you have). But with this amazing weed butter making gadget in your arsenal, prepare to be the hit of the bake sale!

  $175   CHECK IT OUT!

Dank Tips Glass Filter Tips

Glass tips for joints

Box of glass tips for jointsSay sayonara to soggy, spit-soaked spliffs and hello to some Dank Tips! Upgrade your joint game, or that of a loved one, with this beautiful set of quartz glass filter tips. Imagine all the friends and fans you’ll make when you pass a glass-tipped joint at your next fancy party!

They’re reusable, easy to clean, and classy-as-heck. Plus they provide a little cooling action and allow you to smoke all the way to the tip!!! No more inhaling burning paper from a crappy old traditional filter. This set of 5 tips is just what you need, and it makes a dope gift!

  $10   CHECK IT OUT!

Smell Proof Pouch

Smellproof pouch is a great bag to keep smells contained.

This smell proof pouch from Herb Guard is perfect for storing even your stankiest buds. The folks at Herb Guard actually tested these bags by putting super smelly dog treats inside to see if bloodhounds could detect the contents – and they couldn’t! Good doggie!

Seriously though, these high tech, heavy duty bags have a double velcro closure and are lined with activated carbon to absorb all smells and odors. Snazzy, portable and effective – check it out.

  $16   CHECK IT OUT!


Kashtray ashtray with a poker for pipes

The clever Kashtray is a very clever ashtray with a poker built-in for clearing out your bowls and pipes! Sure beats a nasty unfolded paperclip with a bunch of black shit gunked on to the end. Unless you’re into that.

It comes in a few different colors, ranging from snazzy to very-snazzy. Be an ashtray hero today…pick up a Kashtray for yourself or someone you wish had a great ashtray!!!

  $16-17   CHECK IT OUT!

Smoke Buddy

The SmokeBuddy is a personal air filter that catches smelly smoke.

Say goodbye to that nasty paper towel tube stuffed with dryer sheets…and say hello to Smoke Buddy! It’s a personal air filter that eliminates smoke and odors. Smoke goes in, clean air comes out. Bada bing bada boom.

  $14   CHECK IT OUT!


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Hope you found some cool weed smoking accessories to buy on Amazon up in here. Did you know you can buy rolling trays on Amazongrinders on Amazon, smell proof bags, and all sorts of other smoking stuff? Sometimes you can find a glass weed pipe or other weed smoking pipe on Amazon, but it might take a little digging as those listings seem to be more fly by night. If you need cool pipes for smoking, you gotta check out all these cool weed pipes we’ve dug up!