No no, don’t get up. Just lean back and let the Couch Potato Bong do what it does best – serve up heavy hits on a recline.

That’s right, this water pipe leans on its own curvy glass elbow, practically begging to be snuggled with on the couch. It’s specially designed to operate at an incline. Just like you! You can hit it on the low, or pick it up and use it upright.

The Couch Potato lay down water pipe.The Couch Potato Bong is a joy to smoke from, featuring primo features like a showerhead downstem and a beautifully designed backsplash-preventing mouthpiece.

Not only that, the Couch Potato is totally gorgeous. This is one water pipe you’ll wanna leave out on the coffee table for people to ooh and ahh at. Leave it out anywhere you want people to ooh and ahh at it, for that matter. Shit take it out to the grocery store, no judgement.

Now go put on some pajama pants and check out the awesome, unique and so sexy-lazy-cool Couch Potato Bong!


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