Meet the amazing Dr. Dabber Switch, an electronic vaporizer that works with oils AND dry herb. How?? Well, Dr. Dabber is actually a highly acclaimed medical (marijuana) profesional, you see. So if you’re looking for a prescription for an incredible vaping experience with tons of features, you’re gonna want to schedule a visit.

This electric dab rig features 25 heating profiles to perfectly pair with your concentrate – or flower – of choice. It’s this incredible range of power and precision that makes the Dr. Dabber Switch so good, no matter what you’re vaping.

Dr. Dabber Switch premium electronic dab rig with hybrid technology for a luxury smoking experience.

That heating flexibility also lets you take control of the sesh intensity, from smaller, more flavorful hits, all the way up to huge rip-roaring clouds of what-were-we-just-talking-about??

It’s also got an advanced battery that charges fast, can heat up the Doctor in just 4 short seconds, and lasts nearly 200 uses on a single charge. Get down with the Dr. and you can expect a diagnosis of premium, no-torch, super-tasty dabs-for-days, PLUS the flexibility of vaping dry herb.

High tech Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer dab rig switches between flower and oil to vaporize top-tier solventless with no terpene degradation.

So whether you’ll be dabbing with concentrates or vaping with flower, Dr. Dabber Switch will see you now.


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