This small, compact vaporizer for dual-use with dry herb and concentrate is a very discrete smoking device.

You want a dual-use vaporizer, but you want it to be small? Well, how about the smallest dual-use vaporizer in the world?? Oh yeah, it’s the new MIQRO-C Compact Vaporizer from DaVinci.

This little vaporization powerhouse is the latest in DaVinci’s MIQRO line. Sleek, sophisticated, powerful…and so, so tiny!

This very small vaporizer comes in four cool colors.

About the height of a BIC lighter (2mm taller, to be precise), this compact vaporizer is so small, it practically disappears in the palm of your hand.

The MIQRO has been around the block and gone through several cycles of innovation and improvement. The previous version was already bad ass. So it’s no surprise that this latest iteration packs some serious tech to power your sessions.

Stealth vaporizer is so small it hides in the palm of your hand.

We’re talking a glass-lined ceramic oven, sealed all-glass vapor path, USB-C rechargeable removable battery. It’s an amazing compact dry-herb vape right out of the box, and can quickly convert for concentrates through the use of an additional accessory.

The mini but mighty MIQRO-C ensures flavorful draws with precision temperature controls. And the interface has been streamlined, making it perfect to use for microdosing, as a heavy-hitter, or anywhere in between. 

The feature set and versatility of the MIQRO-C combined with it’s itsy-bittiness makes it a great option for those on the lookout for a more discrete vaporizer option.

The smallest dual-use vaporizer is portable, discrete and a pleasure to use.

This super stealthy, portable powerhouse comes in a bunch of cool colors along with an accessory kit and fun extras. And it’s so tiny!! Check out the MIQRO-C, the smallest dual-use vaporizer in the world!


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