This cool pipe from Envy Glass features a unique dichro fumed designStare into the psychedelic swirls of this gorgeous glass pipe. One look and you’ll be totally entranced. It’s the Dichro Fumed Spoon Pipe from Envy Glass, and it’s a trip!

An awesome weed pipe for yourself or as a gift, this glass piece from Envy is the best!

This cool pipe is made of a magical material called dichroic glass. As light hits the surface, it bursts to life, displaying an array of colors that shift with the viewing angle.

And because this special glass is non-translucent, there is virtually no absorption of light, resulting in some stunningly saturated tones. How? Science!

This unique smoking pipe for weed has a cool design that makes the glass really pop.Yes, thanks very much, Science, for the development of the high tech process used to create this lovely glass piece. Inside a laboratory-grade vacuum chamber, crystalline quartz structures and metallic oxides are deposited onto the surface in ultra-thin layers.

These layers are stacked on top of each other, yielding an incredibly unique and totally mesmerizing effect that causes multiple colors to be displayed at once. 

This sparkly spoon is super unique, and the colors are downright hypnotic. You’ll be trippin before you even smoke it.

The Envy Dichro Fumed Spoon Pipe in Red, featured at the top of the page, shifts between rich reds and golds. The Black version has a dope design flourish and gives off dark shadows, reds, yellows and shimmery silver tones.

You can also pick up one of these entrancing dichro pipes  in Blue or White. Each one is different and totally groovy in their own way. Check em out!


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