Are you looking for love in this, the springtime of our lives? Take one look at this sexy mofo and you’ll be smitten. It’s the Dichro-Coated Glass Recycler from Envy Glass and it’s a definite swipe-right.

This glass recycler is covered in a dichroic coating that splits and reflects multiple colors of light and makes for a mesmerizing display. It totally hypnotizes you into a warm, fuzzy euphoria – although that could be the weed.

Glass Recycler Water Pipe with dichroic coating.A lot of quality is packed into this gorgeous package. Envy’s Dicro-Coated Recycler is made in SoCal with only the best glass and materials. It’s also got an inline recycler design which creates a churning action that’s a definite crowd pleaser.

This dope dichro recycler comes in clear and black. So clear off a shelf for your new bae, cause this is one beauty you’ll want to showcase. Check er out!


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