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Smart vaporizer with dose-control works with 510-threaded cartridges to deliver precise dosing for an elevated experience.

Ah, the perfect puff. It can be so elusive. But puff perfection can now be yours thanks to this Dose Control Vaporizer from mode.

Billed as “the world’s first smart cannabis device”, this Dosing Device actually pretty darn smart. I mean, it’s not gonna beat you at chess. But it’s smart enough to know how to get you exactly as high as you want to be.

The question is, exactly how high do you want to be exactly?

Premium vaporizer device uses smart technology to dispense precise doses for controlled use.

Yeah that was two exactlys. Because this innovative weed gadget uses high-resolution sensors to detect temperature, motion, orientation and inhalation pressure, then takes that data and feeds it through a predictive algorithm that adjusts each draw to the desired amount, down to the milligram.

That’s one precise puff.

Maybe you’re looking for a smaller dose for daytime chores. Or maybe you want a heavier hit for bedtime. Just dial er up!

The companion app is a data lover’s dream. It’s kind of a consumption dashboard, featuring all sorts of detailed dosage information, usage history, strain tracking and analytics.

Smart vaporizer for 510 carts connects to your phone and uses an app to optimize and tailor a precision dosed protocol.

The Dose Control Vaporizer works with any universal 510 threaded cartridge, so no proprietary cartridges are needed. And the company tests and maintains data on hundreds of various cartridges, so the app has accurate information about the contents of the cartridge you’re smoking to augment its onboard sensors.

Another cool feature of the app is that it allows you to lock the device remotely, which is especially handy if you’re worried about unauthorized use.

This tiny vape is small and discreet, while providing smart dose control to the milligram for precision control

All of this in a very sleek, very discreet package. The compact Dose Control Vaporizer fits in the palm of your hand (depending on your palm size – sorry tiny palm people, we still love you).

If you’re looking for some precision dose control in for your cannabis consumption, or maybe just want enhanced data analytics all up in your zone, be sure to check out the high-tech Dosing Device dose-control vaporizer.

ANNNnnnnddd we hooked up a coupon code for you, lovely Weedgadgeteers. Here she is, good for $25 OFF!

$25 OFF the Dose Control Vaporizer @ mode

We’re dosing out deals here, people. The Dosing Device is on pre-order right now, but is set to ship by the end of September, so get em while they’re hot.


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