Treat yourself to some serious bling with the jawdroppingly gorgeous Double Fumed Scallop Perc Bong from Envy Glass Designs.

What is a double fumed scallop perc, you ask? No it’s not the chef’s seafood special. But it’s definitely the catch-of-the-day. Cause look at this baby!

Bent neck scallop perc bong with double fumed glass from Envy makes an incredible centerpiece.The heart of this beautiful bong is a large scallop-style percolator outfitted with an array of holes that erupt into a symphony of bubbles as you inhale, filtering and cooling even the biggest smoky tokes into silky smooth hits. 

Built with scientific precision, the functionality of this top-shelf bong is perfectly complimented by its premium design. A heavily applied fumed effect that accents the contours of the glass percolator creates an absolutely stunning display. You’ll want to look at this thing all day! Just don’t forget to smoke it.

The bent neck of this Scallop Perc Bong is curved at a slight angle, making it a pleasure to hit whilst standing or lounging. As well as whilst chillin, or illin. 

This hot little number stands 12 inches high, is made of sturdy 6mm borosilicate glass and comes equipped with a matching fumed glass funnel bubble bowl.


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