Would you like to have smoke shot directly into your face? Well, take a ride on the Dreamroller, baby!

A rock-solid steamroller pipe, the Prometheus Dreamroller from PYPTEK will rock your world. The construction is straight up professional grade, featuring a core made of solid borosilicate glass, wrapped in an exoskeleton of anodized aerospace aluminum. 

The Pyptek Dreamroller Steamroller Pipe with Instant-Clear CarbNow all that’s cool and all, but the main event has got to be the amazing “Instant Clear” carburetor. A simple press of the Dreamroller’s spring-loaded button ejects smoke from the chamber directly into your lungs for seriously memorable rips. Actually you probably won’t remember a thing.

Not only that, but the Dreamroller’s pneumatic action makes it over 10 times easier to draw than a regular pipe.

It comes in five cool colors, you can take the whole thing apart for easy cleaning and it’s made to last a lifetime. I mean gosh, it’s downright dreamy. Check out the Dreamroller today!


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