Premium dual-use bubbler works with dry herb and concentrates

Look at this lovely little multi-tasker! It’s the new Black Walnut Riggler from Marley Natural, a portable water pipe that works with both dry herb and concentrates.

Cause hey, you gotta keep your options open. It’s a big wide weedy world out there, you never know what kind of smokable wonders you’ll wind up with. So it’s nice to have a beautiful centerpiece-worthy smoking device that can pull double-duty. And this Dual-Use Walnut Wood Bubbler does just that.

Swap out the various components to make this water pipe work with dry herb and also concentrates.

The Marley Riggler features an array of interchangeable glass fittings that can be reconfigured, allowing it to work with flower as well with concentrates. It also includes two different glass mouth pieces to choose from.

Set it up with a Dry Herb Bowl for smoking flower and it works just like a standard water pipe. Wanna switch from flower to concentrate? Simply swap out the Dry Herb Bowl for the 14mm Quartz Banger and Carb Cap, and your Riggler is now configured for a classy concentrate smoking experience. 

High-end glass smoking pipe for use with both dry herb and concentrates like shatter.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. This thing’s freakin’ gorgeous. The clear glass along with the rich, dark grain patterns of the Black Walnut make a great pairing, and lovely brass accents add just the right amount of bling.

This classy, water-filtered tabletop bubbler sits atop a beautiful curved wood base. But that curvy booty does more than just look good. It makes this pipe much sturdier than your average glass piece, and drastically reduces the chances of tip over.

That’s right: glass, brass and ass. Hard to go wrong with that combo.

Luxury dual-use bubbler comes with multiple glass fittings for a custom smoking experience.

One bubbler, lotsa options. Just swap out the fittings to tune this baby up just like you like it. But any way you slice it, you’re in for big, cool, comfy hits thanks to the water filtration of this premium pipe.

So check out the newest addition to the Marley Natural line, the multi-talented and sexy Dual-Use Walnut Riggler.


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