The Dynavap M vapcap vaporizer, a battery-free vaporizer that uses the flame of a lighter

The Dynavap M is a battery-free vaporizer that works with a lighter, hits like a champ, and vapes like a dream.

This snazzy titanium and stainless steel vaporizer is packed with thoughtfully engineered features. With just the power of a flame, the Dynavap M delivers the kind of truly tasty flavors and big puffy hits you might only expect from a new-fangled electricity-powered vaporizer.

Dynvap M Vaporizer battery-free flame-powered vape makes a great gift for smokers and vapers

DynaVap vaporizers has drawn droves of dedicated fans that swear by its awesomeness. The sleek design, awesome airflow and rock-solid durability makes this handy little vaporizer one that’s sure to become the star of your stash.

How does the DynaVap work? Just load up the chamber and hit the heatsink with the flame of your lighter and, like magic (aka science), the patented cap makes a snap sound to let you know that it’s precisely the right temperature. This awesome trick is what makes sure your herb gets vaporized, not combusted. It might takes a try or two to get the hang of it, but hey you got this, champ.

DynaVap B Vaporizer in neon colors

The DynaVap M starter kit comes with a few cool accessories as well, like the beautiful DynaStash wooden case with an integrated magnet that works great for removing a hot cap, keeping your Dynvap upright, or securing the case to various surfaces.

Dynvap M Vaporizer uses flame, not battery, to power awesome vaping sessions

So we all agree that DynaVap is an incredible dry herb vaporizer, no doubt. But what if you want to vape concentrates with this bad boy? There’s an accessory for that! Just grab the DynaCoil concentrate adapter, and battery-free vapor dabs shall be yours.

If the enthusiastic fan base of the Dynvap Vapcap battery-free vaporizers is any indication, you’re about to fall in love with this tiny, flame-fueled, portable powerhouse.

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