Check out this awesome electric lighter made just for bowls of herb! It’s the VioSparc from Cinderwitch Torches – a one-of-a-kind lighter that doesn’t need fuel – doesn’t even make fire – but can effortlessly blaze up a bowlful of bud in no time. How?

Electric rechargeable lighter works for bongs, bowls and pipes.Through the magic of weedgadgetry! The VioSparc produces a wicked dope purple double-electric arc to zap, zap, zap your weed into smokeable goodness without the harsh chemicals of butane.

This electric bowl and pipe lighter from Cinderwitch is ergonomic, flameless, rechargeable, windproof, and frankly, very darn neat. 

Stop lighting bowls like a caveman, and start tazing the shit out of them like a proper 21st-century citizen of the world. Pick up this cool little electric lighter today!


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