Electrify your grinding game with this awesome Easy Grinder Motorized Electric Herb Grinder. Just load it up with nugs, press the button and watch this hand-held powered grinder transform them into ground up goodness, AND dispense said goodness exactly where you like.

The USB-rechargable battery on this electric grinder lasts literally forever. Well, figuratively forever. One charge will get you up to 300 grinds. And the versatility of the Easy Grinder means you can get anywhere from a coarse grind to a fine powder. 

This electric grinder can be reconfigured into a storage case!An extra cool feature of this motorized grinder is that it can be reconfigured into a smell-proof storage container! The main housing that contains all the grinding guts can be removed, leaving the herb chamber along with a top and bottom that secure with airtight o-rings. 

The Easy Grinder Electric Grinder comes in a bunch of cool colors, including Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. You can even pick one up on Amazon. Check er out!



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