Ya beautiful, baby!! Can you still say that in metoo times? Yes, as long you’re talking to one of these absolutely gorgeous dugouts from Elevate.

This is an amazing time to be alive, of course, because there are so many cool dugouts to choose from!So allow me to submit for your consideration some very dope options.

You may remember the original and still beloved Colfax Wooden Dugout Kit from Elevate that we brought you here on Weedgadgets (and here @ Elevate). Now some even more pimped out varieties are available that really stand out from the crowd.

Awesome Luxury Wood Dugout With Etched Leaf Design from ElevateLike this awesome dugout etched with a detailed banana leaf pattern in a choice of beautifully waxed woods. What an awesome beach companion!! So distinct and original, it definitely draws compliments. So brace yourself for that.Etched Squirrel Spirit Animal Wood Dugout Kit

They’ve also got some frickin adorable “Spirit Animal” versions in the same beautiful wood choices. Choose a wood dugout etched with your favorite little guy: Bear, Wolf, Fox, Rabbit or Squirrel!

I mean, if this isn’t the PERFECT stocking stuffer for the weed-smoking fox-lover in your life I don’t know what the hell is.

You might also wanna check out the Pineapple “How High” Dugout and the Starburst Dugout designs (featuring exotic wood inlays).

Cool Wood Dugout Kits with Awesome Etched DesignsAnd, grab any one of these luxury dugout kits from Elevate and you get to pick which of their bad ass pipes you want it to come with! Choose between a glass joint or an Elevate mini hitter with wood mouthpiece!

Get one now at Elevate!


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