Looking for the coolest bong ever? Okay, but how cool? Like, cold as ice?? Then look no further, friend, cause you just found it: an actual bong made of ice! And nothing’s colder than ice.

Well, something is, but you can’t smoke out of it. So check out the Eyce 2.0 Water Pipe made of ice!

Technically it’s not a water pipe…yet. It’s an ice mold, plus a few key pieces of hardware, that allow you to make your own water pipe out of ice.

Make a bong out of ice with this mold from EyceThe innovative Eyce 2.0 is a silicone mold that creates an awesome water pipe made out of ice that not only looks dope, but has amazing functionality, dropping the temperature of inhaled smoke down to a super cool 26°F. It’s the perfect summertime treat, and great for comfy comfy hits year-round.

The Eyce 2.0 kit comes with all the parts you need to easily assemble a frozen water pipe masterpiece. It’s made from 100% safe, FDA-approved food-grade silicone. And you can use it over and over again for never-ending smokey cold fun.

It’s also neat as heck! Imagine busting out a bong made of solid ice at your next party or bbq. Or freeze ahead of time and bring it to a friends place in a cooler. It makes for a very impressive reveal. “Ice bong bitches!!!” –future you

And, uh, oh yeah....


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