EZ Pipe lighter combo is a bowl and lighter in one!
You got yourself a pipe, and you got yourself a lighter – but what if, and just hear me out now, what IF that pipe and that lighter were ONE THING?!?!?

That’s right my fine weedy friend, this is the EZ Lite Pipe Lighter Combo, a genuine combination pipe AND lighter. A pipe lighter combo!!! I’m no scientist, but if I were I would have done inventified this mofo long ago: just get a pipe and a lighter, take em in to a laboratory, wrap em up together real tight like, then smash them violently with a heavy object, and EUREKA! A pipe lighter combo is born!

And now that pipe-lighter-combo baby is yours to love and care for. Just feed it lots of weed and fire, just like you would a normal baby, and you’ll be one big happy family.

Just one thing to note with this little guy – it’s BYO lighter. Any ol Bic will do. Just stick your own Bic it in, pack it up, light/puff/puff/pass and you’re off to fun fun land hooray!

BTW, if you love pipe lighter combos, you might also like the Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo.

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  1. I purchased the easy pipe lighter. I been smoking for fifty five years. I say that to show I know what I’m doing. To get right to the point, I wouldn’t give you 25 cents for this. It would not work. Flame wouldn’t go through the hole if the top was open or closed or if I used a bud or grounded. Then when I went to get MY Bic lighter out of the unit, it wouldn’t come out. I had to get a pliers to get it out. I’m not bullshiting. Not off to a great start guys.

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