It’s all about the wood. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Cardi B., that is definitely it.  So, with that fundamental truth in mind, let us consider this beautiful Black Walnut Dugout and Filtered One-Hitter from SilverStick.

This classy wood dugout kit has got a lot going for it. It’s hand-crafted from rich, wavy, walnut wood that’s been sustainably harvested and polished off with a food-grade finish for a super smooth and satisfying look and feel.

This handcrafted dugout is a premium smoking accessory featuring a filtered pipe and high quality details.

But also, being from the folks at SilverStick, this dugout perfectly accommodates their flagship SilverStick filtered one-hitter, a smoking pipe that uses replaceable natural cotton filters to trap all the gunk, so you only smoke the good stuff.

And like most dugouts, it’s got a chambers for herb, a poker and a pipe. But it’s also got a second storage chamber you can use for spare smokables, or to store extra filters for your one-hitter.

This cool wood dugout made from rich black walnut wood holds a filtered one-hitter pipe, a unique and sophisticated weed smoking accessoryAnother cool feature of this portable walnut wood smoking kit is the thoughtfully designed groove on the back of the box. When you lay the dugout flat, it creates the perfect little resting spot for your SilverStick pipe.

So maybe you love wood, but Walnut’s not your style? You can also pick up one of these cool smoking kits in a variety of other woods, like Maple, Cherry or Aromatic Cedar. Upgrade your wood game, check em out!


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