You don’t have to be a fisherman to find a friend in this little guy. The Fisherman’s Friend Pipe is a really cool pipe, so if you’re looking for really cool pipes, well sir or madam, I think you might have just found what you’re lookin for. Let’s celebrate by getting one and smoking out of it!!! Wow, I have great ideas.

This cool wooden pipe is really handy, with a twist open design and built in stash storageThis handy little pipe twists open and shut for handy transport and use. Open it up to smoke it, or swivel open the polished stainless steel middle section to reveal a built-in stash compartment!

The Fisherman’s Friend Pipe is made out of lovely hardwood, and comes in color choices. And the swiveling stainless steel middle section and storage compartment are so cool. This durable, light, easy to clean pipe is portable, pretty and perfectly pocket-sized.



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