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Freeze Pipe is a freezable glass spoon with glycerin coil for chilled smoke in a portable smoking device

What are you bringing to your next bbq? How about ice cold hits for everyone?!? That’s exactly what this awesome glass spoon pipe delivers. It’s the Freeze Pipe, a freezable glass spoon pipe that you stick in the freezer for icy cold hits! 

This frickin’ freezing cool pipe features an internal, fully-sealed coil filled with glycerin, which is the key to the magic of the Freeze Pipe. Glycerin is safe and non-toxic, with a gel-like consistency, and it freezes faster – and gets colder – than water does.

Closeup of the glycerin chamber in the Freeze Pipe cools smoke.

Just an hour in the freezer causes the glycerin inside the pipe’s coil to get wicked cold – and it stays cold for about two hours! Plenty of time for a bunch of comfy puffin. Perfect for a trip to the park, or a very cool, and very high summer picnic.

Put this glass pipe in the freezer before smoking - the coil stays cold for two hours of cool comfy hits

This smoke-cooling Freeze Pipe has so much going for it! Even if you’re simply a fan of cooled smoke but don’t want the mess or hassle of a watery, ice-filled bong, a freezable pipe with a glycerin cooling coil is a great alternative. Or maybe you just love Frozen and you want to celebrate that love with ice-cold hits? Ain’t no shame in that game.

The Freeze Pipe is a weed gadget that goes in the freezer for colder smoke.

As you may have noticed, we love Ice Pipes and Freeze Pipes here at Weedgadgets, and this is a great addition to the collection. Pick up this awesome glass freeze pipe and you can  enjoy cool, comfy clouds all year long!

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