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Turn your bong into a e-rig with this awesome adaptor. It’s the G-Pen Connect, and it converts any glass water pipe into a powerful dab rig.

Just look at this clever little thing! It fits in the palm of your hand and packs a heck of a punch. Simply slide it into any glass-to-glass connection and you’ll be vaporizing your concentrates into dense, tasty, water-filtered clouds in no time.

The G-Pen Connect kit comes with everything you need to convert a regular bong into a complete dab rig e-nail vaporizerPacked with the latest technology, the G-Pen delivers an awesome smoking experience with reverse airflow, a spring-loaded carb, and a ceramic heating element with multiple temperature settings.

Don’t ditch the water pipe…upcycle, bro! Turn your old glass into your new favorite high-tech smoking device with the G-Pen Connect Vaporizer.


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