Genius Weed Gadget pipe with built-in grinder and magnetic poker tool in silver.

It’s a pipe with a grinder built right into the top! Meet the Genius Weed Gadget, a brand new Genius Pipe X Weedgadgets collaboration. That’s right, this thing just dropped and it’s hot, y’all.

The Genius Weed Gadget takes all the amazingness of the Original Genius Pipe and gives it a Weedgadgets twist by equipping it with a onboard Genius Grinder Slider (three words that sum up my dating profile btw). This super handy smoking gadget is packed with features that are sure to excite geek and aficionado alike. Let’s check it out.

Genius Weed Gadget

Now, if you’re familiar with the Genius Pipe, you already know it delivers some of the smoothest hits around. In fact, we featured the original Genius Pipe here on Weedgadgets. Because even without the addition of the grinder, this cannabis device has some very cool features to enhance the smoking experience.

But the Weedgadgets Edition takes it up a notch, baby! We take the Genius Pipe and pair it up with a feature-packed Grinder Slider, a sliding top that adds tons of functionality and fun gadgety upgrades.

Features Overview

The Slider glides along the top of the pipe while being held tight to the surface with magnets. The circular opening in the top can be aligned with the bowl for smoking. And when you slide it shut, the bowl is covered up and extinguished immediately. Great for minimizing smoke…and maximizing leftovers. It’s also super handy for packing a bowl ahead of time and keeping covered for easy transport.

Genius Pipe equipped with black grinder slider with poker attached.

In addition to the circular opening, there’s another, smaller opening that enables you to ignite just part of the bowl for more measured puffs. Which is quite snazzy indeed.

Another thing we like about this design is that the thickness of the slider serves to deepen the bowl. Aligning the circular opening with bowl adds just about 1mm of height, which may not sound like much, but thanks to math, that ends up increasing the overall volume of herb that can be accommodated by a noticeable amount, especially if you really pack it in.

And machined right into the slider is a legit grinding surface that can easily shred herb into bits of goodness on-demand. And, next to that, nestled in its own recessed storage spot is a magnetic tool with a poker on one end and a little flat shovel on the other!

Grinder slider attaches to top of pipe to equip it with various weed gadgets for smoking on the go.

Designed with V-Syndicate technology, the grinder is like an advanced mini cheese-grater. To use it, you just rub a nug along the sharp, machined metal surface, then watch in amazement as your big nug gives birth to lots of little bitty baby nugs! Pro tip: do this right over the pipe itself, then use the edge of the slider to push the herb into the bowl. A very satisfying process. Which brings us to another satisfying process. Smoking the Genius…

A “Wow” First Hit and the Coughing Challenge

Speaking of that smoking experience, let’s talk first puff impressions. First hit of this brand new Genius Pipe, right out of the box, and holy moly, this thing hit like a bong! A gigantic cloud engulfed me, which is surprising coming from a little pipe that looks like my Apple TV remote.

Genius promises no coughing, and they absolutely delivered on that promise. I embarked on a quest to reach that elusive coughing threshold, but alas, I failed. Which in this case turned out to be a win!

Genius Weed Gadget pipe with grinder and poker onboard add great functionality to an incredible smoking device.

This pipe delivers smooth, and dare I say downright huge hits. One thing I should note is that more finely ground herb hits bigger and better. And obviously a freshly cleaned pipe helps. More on the cleaning in a bit…but before we get to that, let’s talk about dat body baby.

Magnetic Magic and Construction Insights

The Genius Pipe is ingeniously designed with two metal halves that stick together through the power of magnets. Which is incredible right off the bat. Magnets are nature’s magicians, after all.

This pipe with a built-in grinder is from Genius, featuring smoke-cooling technology and advanced features.

When you slide this baby open, you’ll notice that a) it was very easy to do, so thanks magnets, and b) each half is covered in a matrix of dimples, very similar to the surface of a golf ball. It’s these dimples, among other things, that make the Genius Pipe so smart.

As you inhale, the dimples slow the smoke down with a swirling and whirling action. This both cools it down, and filters it, trapping sticky goo in the matrixmso that only fully filtered smoke makes it to the mouthpiece.

Effortless Cleaning for the Win

Now, let’s dive into the joy of keeping this gadget squeaky clean. Cleaning this pipe is so fun; you just pop it in half and wipe it down. I picked up some alcohol wipes from the grocery store, and that became my preferred method for cleaning it. I highly recommend getting some of those wipes, not the little bitty squares but the cloth sized ones.

Honestly, it’s the easiest-to-clean pipe I’ve ever used. Crack it open, and you have complete access to the airway to wipe it down thoroughly, for a totally clean hit as often as you feel like wiping ‘er down.

Who doesn’t love the experience of taking the very first hit from a brand-new, never-been-smoked, as-clean-as-it-could-ever-possibly-be pipe?? You can actually pretty much get there with this pipe with very little effort.

Genius Pipe with built-in grinder and poker dab tool is an incredible high end smoking device for a delightful smoke sesh.

At first, I wiped it down every time because the thrill of a fresh, clean hit was so alluring and easy to obtain. But after a while, I decided to just use it and see what happened. It was not long before it needed, nay demanded to be cleaned. It actually got clogged enough to impair the smoking experience fairly quickly, but I’d still say a small price to pay, and maybe just one of those things that you have to do when you have a weed gadget as unique as this. That being said, do be prepared for frequent, though easy, cleaning.

Happy Smoking

With all it’s gadgety goodness, the best thing about the Genius Weed Gadget Pipe is the hits. Big, clean, cool, filtered and a lot of fun to smoke. Despite one of the design objectives being to slow down the smoke, inhaling through the airway of the Genius does not present a ton of friction. It feels smoother and less obstructed than other smoke cooling pipes that use this method.

Build your own pipe with a variety of color and design choices.

If you’re not into the Grinder Slider, but dig on the Genius, they have a whole array of different pipes and sliders to mix and match, including a build-your-own-pipe option. We love pipes that cool smoke around here, so brining a Genius into the family is a no-brainer.

Genius has build-our-own-pipe option for custom device with colors and design of choice, shown here in black, blue, silver, green and gray.

Either way the Genius Pipe is one to check out, with the Slider Grinder, the Original Genius Pipe or even build your own pipe.


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