Grav Labs glass blunt one hitter doubles as a vaporizer.

Did your grandma get run over by a reindeer? First of all, I’m terribly sorry to hear that and I hope she’s okay*. Second of all, I think I know what will make you both feel a lot better. A big ol super-smooth rip off this glass blunt from Grav Labs!

This blunt pipe is so cool. How do you use it, you ask? You just slide the tube out, fill the chamber with herb, and light er up! Then push the tube in as you smoke, and it pushes the ashes out. Then repeat as often as necessary.

Grav Labs Glass Blunt is cheap, cool and works great!

This classy, glassy blunt pipe is handmade in Austin, Texas with high quality borosilicate glass, dope aesthetic and really fun smoking experience.

Grav Labs Glass Blunt Pipe doubles as a vaporizer pipe!Not only that, but its glass tube design is also much more efficient than a regular blunt rolled with paper, making the same amount of bud last twice as long. It’s also pretty cheap at just around $12.

The Grav Blunt even doubles as a vaporizer pipe! Just place the herb inside the tube (instead of in the open tip) and apply indirect heat by lighting it from underneath. Obviously you should get one for yourself, your grandma, and everyone you’ve ever met.

*Reindeer claim the lives of millions of seniors every year and that’s no joke, that’s some serious bullshit and we should all be outraged.


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