Glass tips for joints

Box of glass tips for jointsTis time to take tastier tokes, tisn’t it? Totes. So say sayonara to soggy, spit-soaked spliffs and hello to some glass Dank Tips!

Upgrade your joint game in a snap with this beautiful set of quartz glass filter tips. Imagine all the friends and fans you’ll make when you pass a glass-tipped joint at your next fancy party!

Glass = Class. It’s a mathematical fact, you see.

These glass filter tips are reusable, easy to clean, and smooth-as-heck. Not only that, smoking with one of these glassy guys installed provides a cooling action, allowing you to smoke all the way to the tip…and no more inhaling burning paper from a crappy old traditional filter.

Not to mention, you can get em on Amazon! Class it up, glass it up…


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