This luxury smoking accessory is a water filtered bubbler crafted of glass and wood.

Looking for some bad ass glass with a touch of class? You found it pal. It’s the Drift Bubbler, a gorgeous little glass and wood bubbler that delivers smooth hits with style. 

This luxury bubbler is a premium smoking device that uses water to filter and cool hits.This beautiful bubbler features a super cool “flattened showerhead percolator”. It’s a perforated glass disk that sits at the bottom of the stem, creating an incredible filtration action as it diffuses smoke into the chamber, resulting in bubbly barrage of buttery smooth hits.

Another cool thing about this premium smoking device is the interchangeable design of the glass body and wood base. You can choose between black or white glass accents, and also pick out your base from several different species of wood, like Walnut and Maple. The combo of the colored glass and the richness of the all natural hardwood really makes this thing pop.

This thoughtfully designed water pipe is the perfect size for smoking around the house. It easily fits in your hand, and simply loves to sit out on a coffee table looking pretty. 

This cool and classy bubbler is a high-end smoking device that filters with water for a premium weed experience.

The Drift Bubbler is assembled in Denver, Colorado by Anomaly, the same the fancy folks that brought you the beloved Colfax luxury dugout kit

With powerful filtration and style for miles, The Drift Bubbler is also a surprisingly good deal at less than 60 bucks! Okay okay, it’s $59.99. But as my grandpappy used to say, a penny saved is a penny spent on herb for your cool new bubbler. Check er out!


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