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This premium vaporizer is an incredible high end weed gadget in gold.

A golden explosion is coming right atcha, and you’re gonna love it. It’s the Gold Volcano Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel.

That’s right, the legendary Volcano Vaporizer, the grand daddy of vapes, now comes to you in glorious, gleaming gold.

The Volcano is perhaps the most iconic vaporizer of all time, popular throughout the land for delivering exceptionally pure vapor. That, along with its cavalcade of features and accessories, makes the Volcano a ton of fun.

This special Gold Edition of the Volcano Vaporizer sports the same sophisticated features as the original version, like precision temperature control, convection heating, and of course, the classic balloon bag system.

The Gold Volcano Vaporizer is the ultimate high end smoking accessory.

If you’re not familiar with the Volcano balloon bag system, or if you just need a quick refresher, here’s a high-level overview:

  • Attach balloon to Volcano.
  • Fill balloon with vapor.
  • Attach balloon to face.
  • Fill face with vapor.

Badda boom. It churns out big, comfy hits, and makes passing and sharing a party unto itself.

Luxury desktop vaporizer in gold makes a high end weed accessory.

The Gold Volcano uses an advanced diaphragm pump system to flood every bit of surface area with hot air, ensuring efficient vaporization, amazing aromas and incredible flavor.

Precision engineering, top notch build quality, a reputation for excellence , tons of cool features…and it’s GOLD bay bay! A true luxury desktop vaporizer through and through.



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