Prepare to be the coolest kid* on your block with the Slush Cup Bubbler from Grav Labs. And even if you don’t live on a block, you’ll still be mighty cool indeed with this awesome Slushie-inspired glass rig.

The beautifully designed and crafted Grav Slush Cup is one dope piece of glass, featuring incredible craftsmanship and a down stem with a cross cut filtration pattern for super smooth hits.

GRAV Slush Cup Bubbler, a water pipe inspired by Slurpee, Icee and Slushie cups.The Slush Cup Bubbler is perfectly sized, has almost no drag, nearly zero splashback, and is built to last, with thick sturdy glass construction. Plus you can use it with flower or concentrate.

I know they say envy is bad, but if YOU’RE the one being envied, it’s actually pretty sweet. And with a bomb ass glass rig that looks like a Slurpee and smokes like a dream, you can count on catching some eyes.

This is one glass piece that won’t disappoint. Add it to your collection today!

*Kids: don’t smoke.


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