Take one look at the Upline Pipe from GRAV and you might go weak in the knees before even taking your first hit. Cause goo goo ga ga this thing is sexy.

Grav Upline glass water pipe

The Upline Pipe is designed around a series of cylindrical chambers that string together to form a gorgeous glass spine. As you inhale, smoke is drawn through each successive chamber, percolating and re-percolating with every step as it makes it way up the spine and into your brain.

All of this makes for incredibly smooth hits, along with a hypnotic “roar” sound as smoke is drawn up to the angled, splash-resistant mouthpiece.

The Upline Pipe also features the Grav Octobowl, a beautiful glass bowl with a unique six-sided base that acts as a screen, maximizing airflow and preventing ash from being drawn into the pipe.

From the moment you unbox the Upline, you’ll fall in love with the thoughtful design and amazing features. Not to mention smooth drags for days.

At 12 inches tall, the Upline makes an incredible personal smoking device, or an utterly ooh-and-ah worthy small-sesh-centerpiece.


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