How luxurious is the Heir Premium Waterpipe? So luxurious that it’s not even called a bong. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it won’t get you blazed.

This awesome water pipe combines stainless steel, ceramic, and borosilicate glass into a super sexy smoker’s masterpiece. Beautifully designed, expertly crafted, and she smokes like a dream.

The heavy-duty metal bowl on the Heir is nearly unbreakable and features a wide-mouth design for generous packs, easy lighting – and no more broken glass bowls!

Light it up, and smoke enters the chamber through a long, ingeniously-engineered downstem that percolates the smoke as it diffuses into the water, creating cool, comfy clouds. And the single-chamber configuration makes this beauty super easy to clean, and really drives home the minamalist design and expert engineering.

The non-slip grip, wide base and heavy construction make the Heir feel great in your hand – and look great on your coffee table. You’ll want to keep this baby out and displayed, no doubt – until you pass it down to your grandkids, that is. Hey, you might feel like you have to after seeing the price tag (about $260). Buuut for something super luxe that you’ll keep forever that is also something you smoke weed out of??? Maybe that ain’t so bad. When they say “invest wisely”, this is what they were talking about.

Get freakin fancy with this premium waterpipe from Heir!


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