The Helix clear glass hand pipe from GRAV is a weed gadget that uses a vortex to spin and cool smoke for more comfortable use.

Check out the amazing compact powerhouse that is the Helix Mini Hand Pipe from GRAV. It looks more or less like an ordinary spoon pipe with a funky shape. Once you load up the bowl and inhale, however…that’s when the magic begins.

Draw in on the mouthpiece and watch in awe as the smoke swirls and twirls into a mesmerizing tornado of dank-filled delight. But don’t mistake that swirling spectacle for mere theatrics.

The Helix glass hand pipe spins smoke in a vortex to cool it down for higher quality hits with less irritation.

It’s a result of the Venturi chamber mouthpiece’s trio of air intake holes, ingeniously splitting the initial smoke stream into three smaller currents. This brilliant mechanism maximizes contact with air and glass, effectively filtering and chilling the smoke for a velvety smooth experience.

But that’s not the only thing you’ll notice when you take this pipe for a spin. The real treat lies in the unexpectedly voluminous and remarkably smooth hits delivered by the Helix Mini Hand Pipe. The Venturi chamber also works to create a fuller inhalation, blending in a touch of air. This thoughtful design helps your lungs can savor the full hit without overwhelming them.

So check out the small but mighty Helix Mini Hand Pipe for some super smooth hits.


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