Glass Helix spinning bong water pipe creates cooled smoke cloud.

Huge hits. Smooth hits. Swirling twirling whirling hits! That’s what you can expect from the amazing Helix Beaker Water Pipe from GRAV.

The Helix is an innovative glass water pipe that cools smoke with an amazing spinning action.

As you inhale, the geometry of the Helix creates a smoke tornado inside the chamber. And no, there’s no need to seek shelter as this time, as this is one tornado that you actually want to have land on your face.

The Helix water pipe beaker bong uses an innovative airpath design to inject cool air into smoke with a unique swirling action that reduces harshness of hits.

As the smoke cloud spins, it rapidly cools itself down. This reduction in temperature makes for a much more comfortable hit.

And the funnel cloud that The Helix creates inside the chamber is totally mesmerizing! It’s almost as fun to look at as it is to smoke it. And even more fun to look at after you’ve smoked it.

This high end glass water pipe from GRAV spins smoke into a cool hurricane for a premium smoking experience.

If you like strong hits but can do without the coughing, you might have found your new go-to smoking device. Taking a puff of the Helix is an ultra cushy experience.

Thanks to its clever air path design, this brilliant glass water pipe really delivers, cranking out hits that are big, billowy, and oh so smokeably smooth.

This spinning bong is the Helix water pipe, it uses advanced airflow technology to cool smoke for a comfortable smoking experience.

The Helix is a really nice size and feels great in the hand. It sports thick glass, smooth curves and a great attitude.

The innovative Helix Beaker is smooooth, heavy hitter. It’s so fun to use, and totally awesome to watch spin! If you’re on the lookout for a cool new bong, bubbler or water pipe, you gotta check this one out!


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