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A glass mini rig and rollie bubbler with holiday themed snowmen and candy canes, Hotbox Cabin from MJ Arsenal..

Check out this awesome pair of holiday-themed glass pieces from MJ Arsenal! It’s the “Hotbox Cabin” series, and you can choose between a cool little mini-rig for smoking concentrates, or a dope rollie bubbler for cooling and filtering smoke from joints.

Whichever one you choose, you’re guaranteed some holiday cheer from the shatter-proof borosilicate glass and the super clever filtration system that draws smoke into the water, through a cabin-shaped chamber, and then shoots it out the top of a candy cane chimney, whaaattt?!?!

Forget about milk and cookies, leave Santa a holiday bubbler packed with herb and you’ll definitely make it on the nice list. 

Check out the Hotbox Cabin holiday glass Mini-Rig or Rollie Bubbler today!


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