Holiday themed glass blunt bubbler is an amazing and festive smoking centerpiece.

This blunt bubbler delivers smooth, cool hits by hotboxing the little snowman inside. Just plug a joint into one end and puff out the other. It’s the “Hotbox Cabin” Blunt Bubbler, a water-filled snow globe of smoke! 

As you inhale, smoke is drawn into the water, through the hat of the adorable glass snowman, down through a cabin-shaped chamber, and then out the top of a candy cane chimney whaaattt?!? It really is a winder wonderland.

Holiday cheer is here with this winter themed glass smoking piece, a holiday cabin bubbler from MJ Arsenal

You’re guaranteed some holiday cheer from the shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and the super clever filtration system of this beautiful piece.  And forget about milk and cookies, leave Santa this holiday bubbler packed with a fat ass blunt and you’ll definitely make it on the nice list

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