this is one big, large, giant, oversized lighter, wowie!
We recently brought you enormous foot long rolling papers. So now that you’re smoking gigantic joints, what better to light them with than a gigantic lighter!? (I mean, I guess I can think of a few better things…blow torch, laser…okay let’s just focus on ridiculously giant lighters for the moment, please, I have attention issues).

Even if you don’t roll huge joints, there are PLENTY of other reasons why you’d want a really big lighter. Maybe you’re a giant? In which case, I think you can get one for free through Obamacare. Maybe you are going on a long trip and never want to have to refill your lighter? Maybe you wanna hold it up at Coachella so everyone knows you got a huge weiner?

Okay, enough hilarious speculation, go get a big lighter, ya big lug!


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