3-in-1. Oh yes. It’s 1. But it’s also 3. How can that be, you ask?

Cause it’s the Hydra 3-in-1 Modular Smoking System, a very cool weed gadget from Cali Crusher with multiple personalities (but in a good way, not a creepy Law-and-Order-suspect kinda way).

Hydra combo pipe with water filtration has multiple smoking modes.In “bubbler” mode it delivers smooth, water-filtered hits. Strip it down to “spoon” mode and you got yourself an awesome pipe for puffin round town.  And as if that weren’t enough, the overachieving Hydra breaks down once more into a chillum!

The Hydra modular multi-mode smoking system features borosilicate glass wrapped in aircraft grade aluminum, and a patented Quicklock system for easy mode-switching and disassembly. It even features a magnetic lid so you can pack up a bowl for later.

The Hydra 3-in-1 is rugged, fun and ready to party. Check er out!


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