The Frost Pipe is a mold that makes a frozen pipe made of ice!

A pipe made of ice!?! Talk about a cool pipe (pun intended). Okay, now that we got that out of the way…this truly is a very cool pipe (pun not intended this time, I mean it in a purely figurative sense now). This is The Frost Pipe, and technically it’s not actually a pipe made of ice – it’s a mold that let’s you make a pipe out of ice, which is even cooler because it is your very own creation. You might even see if your mom wants to hang it on the fridge. Although it might require some very strong magnets, and it will undoubtedly make a huge mess when it melts.

Ice pipe you make yourself with The Frost Pipe mold.Okay, maybe the fridge thing wasn’t very well thought out. But The Frost Pipe was – it includes an ice mold, holding tray, a stopper, screens, and even a couple of stickers! Customize your pipe with your own colors or flavors, then when you’re done, stick it back in the freezer for next time – or gosh, just throw it out and make a new one.

The Frost Pipe is the perfect summer smoking companion. Bust one out at your next BBQ and watch your friends ooh and ahh and then puff and pass. And what a great house warming/cooling gift, amiright? Still not sure about this cool-as-ice frozen pipe mold? Well check this out: it’s got a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee. Pick one up today for just 25 bucks on Amazon!

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  1. Awesome stuff guys! Keep up the good work!!!
    Keep on, keeping on, and make sure to “kiss The fire and walk away whistling”

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