A large smoking pipe that cools smoke makes a great weed gadget gift for stoners and smokers

People often ask me how sticky I like my icky. I say, I like my sticky as icky as the sticky-ickyiest sticky icky tho. And then the conversation generally devolves from there into an unintelligible jibber jabber. But I bring it up because this, friends, is the Icky Stick XL, and you’re gonna want to check it out. Especially if you’re like me and you like to smoke your sticky icky out of an Icky Stick(y). Now you can!

Icky Stick - Original

Original Icky Stick

The Icky Stick XL, and it’s little bro the  Original Icky Stick, are both beautifully crafted hand pipes that feature a unique maze filtration system that cools the smoke before it gets to you. They’re also precision engineered, CNC manufactured, and classy as all get out.

And while the Icky Stick XL and/or the Original Icky Stick should find their way into your personal collection, they also make awesome gifts around the $50-60 range – quite a few notches above a regular ol’ pipe, but still discreet, and a little bit pimp. And a little bit rock n roll. And a whole lot sticky sticky icky.



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